Soundscapes & Journeys for Anxiety, Confidence and Being Seen and Heard

Medicine Songs & Guided Journeys for Leading Edge Spiritual Women, to help them raise their frequency, stay on their path and transmute anxiety, doubt and fear into deeper confidence, self-love and inspiration.


  • Monthly Soundscapes & Journeys
  • 10% off any merchandise on our website

$10 / Month


Tips & Tools for Living Your Purpose

Spiritual Practices, Teachings and Aligned Activities to help conscious women leaders ride the unstoppable wave of their spiritual expansion and expression. Helping you navigate your sensitivities and life’s curve balls, while you bring your spiritual gifts into the physical plane.


  • Spiritual Practice of the Month to help you stop holding back your power, deal with fear, doubt and self-acceptance, and live a life of full-on soul expression.
  • Purpose, Power and Passion Jam Sessions: Teachings, Oracle Readings and Activities to help you find your purpose, own your gifts and accept who you truly are.
  • 10% off any merchandise on our website
  • BONUS HAWK LEVEL: Monthly Soundscapes & Journeys – 3 audios/month to help you stay on the path of self-care, finding your voice and opening to your purpose.

$27 / Month


Find Your Voice, Love Yourself and Live Your Purpose

Guaranteed to increase your ability to create and maintain boundaries, speak your truth with confidence, and channel healing energy and sound through your voice and body.


  • The Sacred Feminine Success Path™ Core Intensive online program to help you find your voice, build your confidence and channel healing energy and songs (Value $397)
  • The Sacred Feminine Success Path™ Sessions: Monthly video to supplement the practices of this program to find your voice where it matters to you the most.
  • BONUS Eagle Level: Power, Purpose and Passion Jam Sessions, Spiritual Practice of the Month, 10% off merchandise.
  • BONUS Hawk Level: Soundscapes & Journeys: 3 audios/month to help you stay on the path of self-care, finding your voice and opening to your purpose.
  • PLUS if you get in NOW, at no extra cost in the Spring, most of your content will be livestreamed, including new Ask Me Anything livestreams, virtual women’s circles and more. Plus you’ll get the downloadable version of my next album.

$150 / Month


Want to support my creative work and get custom high end rewards?

I appreciate your investment in me and my work. Your support enables me to continue to create and serve at my highest level! This Portal was created for exactly that – creating a win-win-win situation for you, me and Mother Earth.


  • Acknowledgement in my next music album to be released in 2019.*
  • Acknowledgement in my upcoming book to be released in 2020.*
  • Custom Rewards: You will receive all content from all other reward levels of this Bird Clan Series PLUS… What rewards would you like? How can I best support you to find your voice and live your leading edge life purpose? Exclusive VIP Workshop for you and your friends? A song on the next album dedicated to you? Your company logo on the back of my next CD? Let’s meet and figure it out. Together we’ll come up with the perfect ongoing rewards to honour your investment in yourself and your support of my work.*

Note: I no longer do private individual sessions, but I do love working with and performing/speaking/facilitating for intimate groups, virtually and in person.

* You must be an ongoing supporter at this level to qualify for these rewards.

$1000 / Month

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