Brenda MacIntyre presents…

The Portal to Your Power, Purpose and Passion

You’ve had such a spiritual journey to get here. People say you’re a strong woman but they don’t see the invisible anxiety, self-doubt and fear of your own power that keep holding you back.

You’re aching to be seen and heard, but the thought of everyone seeing you in all your weird wacky wonder is terrifying.

Spiritual awakening? You’ve had your share… and yet, you KNOW a big one is just around the corner.

This is getting old and I’ve been saying it for years…. But it’s TIME!

We’re witnessing world structures falling away. Mother Earth is rebirthing herself. The societal systems are crumbling. That’s all on purpose! It’s all part of the bigger plan. And so, dear sister, are YOU.

You know you were born for a much greater purpose.

You’ve got gifts to share, even if you don’t know what they are.

Are you ready to open the portal to
your power, purpose and passion?

Everything is on your side right now! The reason you feel that calling so intensely is, your soul KNOWS it’s time and she is ready to guide you into the most powerful time of your life.

Let me help you on your journey, as I expand and evolve on my own journey.

I’ve created 3 super easy ways for you to get ongoing support, and it’s not what you think at all.

Coaching? Nope. There’s enough of that out there already and while it’s helpful, it’s not going to cut it when it comes to you fulfilling your purpose.

Here’s what I have learned after over 30 years of singing on stage in front of hundreds to thousands of people.

Sound is so powerful that it can shatter glass, bend water, bring tears to your eyes, calm a screaming baby … and even help you fulfill your purpose.

The sound and vibration of your own voice carries that power too. Most of us just aren’t accessing it.

What if you could harness that power and use it to fulfill your purpose?
(Hint: You totally can!!)

True Story. Here’s how finding my voice and the power of sound have transformed my life…

It’s November 11th, 1998 and I’ve just had a Star Blanket healing with 2 Navajo medicine women. One of the grandmothers hands me her drum and says “Sing until you are done.” I look at her like she’s insane. Me, sing with her drum?! I’m so nervous my mind goes blank. I have no idea what to sing. I open my mouth anyway, and without realizing it, I channel my first medicine song, and for the first time in my life, I hear my voice as 2 voices. I ask her if she heard it too and she nods, saying “you just sang your spirit back to you.” She tells me I’m a healer, and that I have to do a ceremony by the river and sing and drum for 5 days in a row.

5 days? More like 18 years…cause yeah, I never stopped!

My voice and the drum became my medicine, to help me release pain and tears from my deep losses, to energize me, and lift me out of dark places. I drummed and sang my way out of toxic relationships and grief, to more confidence, self-love, leadership and connection. I decided to dedicate my life to helping women to find their voice, because I had found MY voice, and keep doing that on so many levels.

After helping women to find their voice through drumming and singing for about 10 years, I was given my own Medicine Song Healing Technique™ directly from Spirit, and I developed a system that is guaranteed to help women find your voice.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that my music, healing technique and course could also help you to find and fulfill your purpose.

If there’s one thing losing my son has given me, it’s perspective. Quinn was on the path of his purpose when he was taken from me. I was on my path too and then I had to stop and find my way yet again. Life isn’t perfect but if you open the Portal to Your Power, Purpose and Passion, and keep playing with those 3 P’s, you will have everything you need to fulfill your purpose, including my support along the way.

I’ve created 3 super easy ways for you to get my support with finding your voice and fulfilling your purpose.


Soundscapes & Journeys for Anxiety, Confidence and Being Seen and Heard

Medicine Songs & Guided Journeys for Leading Edge Spiritual Women, to help them raise their frequency, stay on their path and transmute anxiety, doubt and fear into deeper confidence, self-love and inspiration.


  • Monthly Soundscapes & Journeys
  • 10% off any merchandise on our website

$10 / Month


Tips & Tools for Living Your Purpose

Spiritual Practices, Teachings and Aligned Activities to help conscious women leaders ride the unstoppable wave of their spiritual expansion and expression. Helping you navigate your sensitivities and life’s curve balls, while you bring your spiritual gifts into the physical plane.


  • Spiritual Practice of the Month to help you stop holding back your power, deal with fear, doubt and self-acceptance, and live a life of full-on soul expression.
  • Purpose, Power and Passion Jam Sessions: Teachings, Oracle Readings and Activities to help you find your purpose, own your gifts and accept who you truly are.
  • 10% off any merchandise on our website
  • BONUS HAWK LEVEL: Monthly Soundscapes & Journeys – 3 audios/month to help you stay on the path of self-care, finding your voice and opening to your purpose.

$27.00 / Month


Find Your Voice, Love Yourself and Live Your Purpose

Guaranteed to increase your ability to create and maintain boundaries, speak your truth with confidence, and channel healing energy and sound through your voice and body.


  • The Sacred Feminine Success Path™ Core Intensive online program to help you find your voice, build your confidence and channel healing energy and songs (Value $397)
  • The Sacred Feminine Success Path™ Sessions: Monthly video to supplement the practices of this program to find your voice where it matters to you the most.
  • BONUS Eagle Level: Power, Purpose and Passion Jam Sessions, Spiritual Practice of the Month, 10% off merchandise.
  • BONUS Hawk Level: Soundscapes & Journeys: 3 audios/month to help you stay on the path of self-care, finding your voice and opening to your purpose.
  • PLUS if you get in NOW, at no extra cost in the Spring, most of your content will be livestreamed, including new Ask Me Anything livestreams, virtual women’s circles and more. Plus you’ll get the downloadable version of my next album.

$150 / Month

Canadian Residents, GST/HST will be added to your order.
GST/HST Registration:  780 313 318 RT0001

So. All the coaches and mentors I’ve hired tell me you need a great big WHY. It’s true. Here’s mine:

While I support you through your major spiritual upleveling, ALL of the money you invest in yourself with me here will go straight into:

  • Musical Equipment that will allow me to create amazing multi-layered channelled soundscapes for you (and I’ll be doing that LIVE come Spring 2019 at no extra cost to you!)
  • My Next Music Album (including hired musicians, recording/studio fees, mastering, manufacturing and songwriting)
  • Creative and Practice Time so I can learn the new equipment, create new songs and record the album
  • My New Book (including costs to create, edit, print, publish and market the book)
  • And the reason I’m doing this NOW? To take time off for the murder trial this winter to get justice for my son Quinn, and to regroup afterwards. That’s my Dark Night of the Soul right now and HOW I’m getting through that? I walk my talk. I’ll be playing with the Loop Station (musical equipment, once I hit my $750/month goal here), creating the new music album and getting tons of support, just like you’re here to do.

You might be wondering how the heck I’m going to be able to support you while I’m going through the murder trial for my son.

Here’s how:

My awesome team will be packing this Portal with premium content for you every month. Then in Spring 2019, the interactive LIVESTREAMING will begin! Depending on the level you join me at, you’ll get LIVE mentoring, channelled Medicine Song Journeys, concerts, Ask Me Anything sessions and more… get this… at NO EXTRA COST to you!

PLUS if you get in NOW, because this is brand new and honestly, time is of the essence – court is around the corner – you’re getting the best deal EVER.


Canadian Residents, GST/HST will be added to your order.
GST/HST Registration:  780 313 318 RT0001


What is this Portal?

The Portal to Your Power, Purpose and Passion is a membership site designed to help you find your voice, develop your spiritual gifts and fulfill your purpose.

I just joined. What do I do now?

You should see an email or 2 in your inbox from us. If you don’t, check your spam or contact us at this website.

What if I don't want content every month but I still want to support you during this difficult time of the murder trial?

You can send me a money gift via my personal PayPal.

When do you send out content?

Honestly, it will be a little random. Once a month for sure, but not always the same time each month. I’ll be packing the portal with content right away and adding more each month. We’ll notify you at least once a month about your new content, and we’ll keep the emails to a minimum if you’re getting a lot of content at a higher level.

Can I stop my subscription at some point if I can't afford it?

Yes, any time you want. You can cancel or adjust your portal level and payment amount for any reason at any time. However, if you cancel, and you want to join later, you won’t get the same amazing deal. This is a one-time special offer.

What if I want to support more than the highest tier?

We’ve created the Archangel level just for you. Check it out.

Do I have to pay in US Dollars even if I’m Canadian like you?

Nope. Canadian dollars for Canadian residents! US dollars for non-Canadian residents.

More questions?

Get in touch with my team at and we’ll be happy to help.

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